Cookies Policy

The purpose of this cookie policy is to clearly inform you about the cookies used on the website of ESCOFET CONSULTING SLP.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that websites send to your browser and download to your computer. Cookies allow the website to store and retrieve information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other options, to improve the services offered and to contribute to a better surfing experience for the user.

Authorization to use cookies

In accordance with the reference to cookies that appears on the site, the user accepts that by visiting the site he/she expressly consents to the use of cookies as described below, regardless of the fact that the user may change the configuration of his browser to refuse the use of cookies.

Types of cookies

Depending on who administers the domain from which the cookies are sent and the data processed, a distinction is made between their own and external cookies.

Cookies can also be classified according to the duration of their storage in the user’s browser, where by a distinction is made between session cookies and persistent cookies.

Finally, depending on the purpose for which the information collected is processed, cookies can be divided into the following categories:

  • Technical cookies: allow the user to navigate through a website and use some of the services it offers (such as those used to remember the elements of a shopping cart).
  • Personalization cookies: Allow the user to access the website with certain characteristics, such as language.
  • Security cookies: are used to prevent attacks on the website.
  • Complementary cookies for exchanging social content: so-called plug-ins that enable the sharing of content in social networks.
  • Analysis Cookies: Allow the responsible person to track the behavior of the user.
  • Advertising cookies: Allow you to manage the advertising space on the site.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: Like the previous ones, they are used to manage the advertising space on the site according to the information collected about the user’s behavior and habits, and to tailor advertising to the user’s profile.
  • Geolocalization cookies: are used to find out the country where the user is located.

To change cookie settings

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from SPA PRECONLAB SL or any other website via your browser. Each browser has its own operation, you will find the procedure in the help menu of your browser, where you specify the procedure for the removal. For further information:

It is possible that disabling cookies may not work properly or may not allow you to access certain features of the Site.

Cookies used on the Web

The web portal uses different types of cookies for different purposes, which are listed below:

Session type PHPSESSID: This cookie is used by the PHP encryption language to allow session variables to be saved on the web server. These cookies are essential for the operation of the web.

session type language: This cookie allows wordpress to know the language you have selected, while you remain on our page. This session variable is saved on the web server.

session type qtrans_cookie_test: This cookie allows the qtranslate plugin to organize the content according to the selected language. This session variable is saved on the web server.

session type wordpress_test_cookie: Checks if cookies are enabled to provide a proper user experience. This session variable is saved on the web server. These cookies are essential for the operation of the web.

session type tk_tc: they are used to analyze the reference behavior because it is connected from Jetpack.

session type wordpress_logged_in *: Check if the current visitor is a registered user of This session variable is saved on the web server.

session type wp-settings- {user_id}: Maintains the wp-admin configuration of a validated user. This session variable is saved on the web server.

Modification of conditions

ESCOFET CONSULTING SLP  expressly reserves the right to change this cookie policy unilaterally, in whole or in part, without prior notice. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this Cookie Policy